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Apt. 2B, moved in May of 2008. First noticed a small, light brown bug (now believe it to have been a younger stage bug) on the wall above my nightstand in late October/early November. I squished it and it was full of blood. I submitted this description to an on-line expert forum and was told it sounded like a bed bug. I had no bites and inspected my bed and found nothing. Within the next couple of weeks, I had two itchy bites under my jaw line, and a single bite on my right hand and my left hand


I saw one adult bug on something under my bed as I was packaging stuff in plastic for the first spraying. I\'ve never seen a bug since, never seen eggs or fecal spots - anything. But I\'ve had one definite bite since spraying began and several spots that I would like to think are pimples, but I am convinced they are bites, because I live by the motto, \"better paranoid than sorry.\"

My landlord is great and has been responsive and supportive in spraying as many times as needed (still ongoing in January 09). They caulked my baseboards the day I asked. However, I don\'t believe they\'re taking any steps to inspect or treat adjoining apartments, even though these things live in floors and walls and travel between apartments. This is problematic, and maybe adding to the time it\'s taking me to get rid of them. But the landlord is definitely fighting this battle with me, which is great.

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