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When residents report a suspicion that they may have bed bugs, Horizon's process is to contract with their third party professional exterminator. The first step is to conduct a t inspection of the premises. The exterminator will inspect in accordance with their own policy. Horizon maintains that the apartments adjacent, below and above be also inspected as part of the process. This is to ensure that if indeed the suspicion is proven correct, that the bed bug treatment will be effective AND w

ill not be rooted elsewhere or spread. This is Horizon's policy at all Horizon managed properties. Residents must also comply and cooperate 100% with the treatment and committ to its entirety. If residents do not commit by following the procedures in detail....eradicating these pests will be doubly difficult. Additionally, before treatment, residents are given a "cheat" sheet of essential task that must take place in order for the treatment to take effect. If the items on the checklist are not performed, then it is likely that the issue will continue. At Horizon Realty Group, we take pride in providing our residents with quality living and if a resident's apartment is found to be infested with bed bugs, Horizon will most definitely do everything that it can to protect its investment....its valuable residents! However, it is important the residents UNDERSTAND how incredibly important it is for residents to be committed 100% and be cooperative to working together to eradicate an issue like bedbugs. We have also had MANY instances where residents thought they had bed bugs and the result was not the case at all.

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Yes there are bed bugs here. I had them in 2010. i woke up to them next to my head on my bed and pillow. The management made me pay to have it exterminated like it was my fault. I moved 4 months later to another property owned by horizon and found them there too.

Bed bugs everywhere. I had my apartment exterminated 4 times in one month for bed bugs and roaches. The problem still persisted after all of the exterminations. Building management did not follow proper procedures to get rid of these and were not prompt to get this taken care of. I had to throw out everything. They still tried to charge rent even after moving out two months early.

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