4423 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60640-5605

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I've lived in this building for years. I've went thru a REALLY BAD infestation in February of 2012! I had no idea that they were there since 2010! When I first discovered that I had an infestation, I immediately wanted to spray and fumigate. BAD IDEA! These things can live up to 18 months without feeding. The bugs can and WILL come back after the chemical loses its effectiveness. DON'T let them spray! Chemicals used to exterminate them can harm YOU! The ONLY spray I know of that can kill them is

alcohol; the stronger the better! I just found out that you can get 99% alcohol from Ace hardware. The problem with this is that it kills ONLY on contact and dries VERY fast. There is a WONDERFUL building manager at this location, but the problem is the building owner, who doesn't want to take on the problem and tries to blame the tenants for the infestation like roaches. The problem with that thinking is that roaches want crumbs of food; bed bugs want YOU! Heat treatment is THE best way to get rid of these things because the heat kills the adults AND the eggs! I've spent a LOT of money to get rid of these things and the owner really didn't want to help. Now my neighbor has them and they are tearing him apart. Then to top it all off, I've found a bed bug on my pillow last week, and as I am typing this, I am looking at a bed bug bite on my big toe that woke me up from my sleep. This may be my last year at this building.

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Today is Saturday, July 3, 2010. I live in apartment 301 at 4423 N Sheridan Road in Chicago, and found bed bugs about two weeks ago. Since then I've learned from my building manager that the entire building is infested, and there are confirmed reports from more than ten units.

After the first extermination treatment, there has been an increase in the number of bed bugs found in my apartment. They're basically climbing the walls. The exterminator that came in was uneducated in the treatment o

f bed bugs, and I'm planning to do some research on my own and hopefully get someone with more experience and knowledge in there to help.

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