4521 N Malden St
Chicago, IL 60640-5504

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I have lived here for about five months and have not seen anything.I was info formed the problem had been resolved before i moved in .

I have lived in this apartment building for 8 months now and haven't had any trouble with bed bugs or any other infestation

I have lived in this apartment building for * months now and haven't had any trouble with bed bugs or any other infestation

I've lived in this building for over 7 years and never had a problem with bed bugs prior to last year. Woke up to red marks on my upper body and noticed my cat scratching alot. Called the building and was told that no one complained by bed bugs. I have received no letters or notices from building management about this problem. Will be moving soon.

I lived in this building in 2007 to 2008. I had never in my life heard or seen a bed bug before I moved here. I woke up one morning and had lines of bite marks on my arms. The building sprayed but not thoroughly and the bed bugs continued to thrive in my apartment. I ended up sleeping in fear in the apartment until the end of my lease. I had to throw away most of my things including my matress because of the infestation.

The problem with Bed Bugs has been reported repeatedly to management. They came and sprayed twice but he bugs continue to increse! I find it insulting that they accuse the tenants of being responsible for it. The apartment is clean and clutter free. Although the same might not be true of other units in the building surrounding us.
I have encouraged the other tenant to look for other living arrangements with me. It has ruined one mattress already and other property has been damaged as well. It i

s very frustrating that the company has not been responsive to the problem. I guess you get what you pay for

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I have owned and managed this building for over 11 years, and we have had only 2 reports of bedbugs. ......and these happened only in the past year. The building has 54 apartments. The cause of these are people moving into an apartment, and BRINGING THE BUGS IN WITH THEM. When we heard of these two reports, we immediately get on the problem, and asked the tenant to; 1) encase the mattress in plastic (the building is not furnished and tenants bring in their own beds), and 2) to use the building d

ryers to heat all of their clothes. After this is done, we come in and spray the entire unit with insecticide. This has eradicated the bugs in the two problem units. This is the solution recommended by pest control experts.

We do not want a building with ANY bedbugs, but the tenancy must understand that for these two units that have had reports of them, they must share some responsibility for their presence. We will make every effort to help get rid of them, once they are present in the building.

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I was changing the sheets on my bed this evening (they had be on the bed for about 10 days or so), when I noticed a little bug on the bed, and then another. I lifted the mattress and found about 7 more bugs and a number of black dots. I have never dealt with bed bugs before, but heard about them from some friends that traveled over-seas. When I did an internet search this reporting site came up, and it seems there has been one other reported case in my building. This is a holiday weekend, so

I will contact my management company on Tuesday.

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Don\'t move in to this place.

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