917 W Eastwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-5107

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I signed a lease in September 2010 and broke it in February/March of 2011 because of roaches and bed bugs. The building manager, when I told him without doubt that I had bed bugs, handed me a spray bottle and told me to get back to him. The management was rude and condescending, basically threatening my rental credit, and avoided the issue until I was about to move out, at which point the entire floor seemed to have bed bugs.
It was a SERIOUS infestation, too. I had to throw out most of my fur

In addition to having a history of bed bugs and roaches, this management company is irresponsible, ineffective, and just awful to deal with.

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Bed bugs!!! We broke our lease and left after months of living out of plastic bins and garbage bags. They sprayed once, but I saw a review of another WR managed property on Yelp and they said that they were using non-professional chemicals. When they sprayed for us, they did not spray in other units. We spent hundreds of dollars on filling in the holes in the apartment, buying a new mattress, plastic bins, and laundry. When we left, many other tenants were also breaking their


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