917 W Eastwood Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-5107

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Mine is similar situation to all the other comments. This building has a huge roach and bed bug problem that it doesn't seem to manage at all.
I don't believe the surrounding apartments were checked when I notified them of my problem.

I'm outta here!

This building has had a bedbug problem for a while. I was a tenant from 8/12-8/13, and during the last month of my stay bed bugs became an issue. The building also has a HUGE roach problem, and prior to move in management (Catherine was the WRE Leasing agent) promised me that they had never had any issues with pests. I actually contacted the pest control company myself when I realized my bites were the result of bed bugs, and the exterminator was the one to tell me they had been out to treat oth

er apartments. Luckily I was able to leave and didn't have to deal with it for a long time. I did leave my new mattress behind for management to dispose of it for fear of transferring it to my new apt. When I moved, there were several uncovered mattresses lined up outside against the building. I feel that the property managment team here is dishonest when it comes to pest control. They don't treat the adjacent apartments. Horrible experience and would not recommend to anyone. Felt obligated to post after finding this registry. Hopefully this review helps someone.

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I moved in to a studio unit in spring of 2014. A few months of living here and now my new mattress and living space is infested with bed bugs. After contacting management he contracted an exterminator. Although I am hopeful that this will cease the bed bug problem in my apartment i am afraid the entire building has a bed bug problem.

I signed a lease in September 2010 and broke it in February/March of 2011 because of roaches and bed bugs. The building manager, when I told him without doubt that I had bed bugs, handed me a spray bottle and told me to get back to him. The management was rude and condescending, basically threatening my rental credit, and avoided the issue until I was about to move out, at which point the entire floor seemed to have bed bugs.
It was a SERIOUS infestation, too. I had to throw out most of my fur

In addition to having a history of bed bugs and roaches, this management company is irresponsible, ineffective, and just awful to deal with.

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Bed bugs!!! We broke our lease and left after months of living out of plastic bins and garbage bags. They sprayed once, but I saw a review of another WR managed property on Yelp and they said that they were using non-professional chemicals. When they sprayed for us, they did not spray in other units. We spent hundreds of dollars on filling in the holes in the apartment, buying a new mattress, plastic bins, and laundry. When we left, many other tenants were also breaking their


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