4708 N Racine Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-4912

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I actually lived here for 3 years and have never had a bed bug problem. Because this person saw someone carry a mattress does not mean that there is an infestation.

I live adjacent to this building and have spoken with the management who has basically thrown their hands up in the air with this issue. In general the people who live here simply do not care that they have bugs (not just of the bed variety) and rodent infestation. I've seen them routinely carry in mattresses from dumpsters labeled with "BED BUGS" in both english and spanish. WTF?!? I've been proactive by treating my condo with diatomaceous earth, encasing my mattress with a bedbug cover, and ke

eping a watchful eye and so far I've been spared, but it disturbs me that I am living so close to an infested and completely untreated building.

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My husband and I moved into an apartment in September 2008 and withing a few weeks I started noticing bites. We tried some powder sh!t around the mattress that seemed to keep things at bay for a while, but now as of February 2009 - They are back. The worst part is - they never bite my husband. Or maybe they do and he has this awesome body that doesn't react, but I seem to be the only one attacked by these pests. I am not sleeping well because I wake up within an hour and am itching my arms,

hands and neck. I have spent the entire night reading up on the subject and plan to try a serious attack on them this weekend. I hated this apartment before we moved in, but it was all we could afford. Now I really hate it! And with our financial situation, an exterminator is not an option. I feel so gross with all these bites on me. I can't lay in bed to sleep without jumping at every little feeling. And even worse, I am afraid they have moved towards the couch because I have tried to hide from them a few times by sleeping there... and I just learned that they follow you. HELP!

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