900 W Argyle St
Chicago, IL 60640-3806

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Found this website with reports for this address after I moved in and hoped for the best, not really knowing what I was getting in to. Started getting bites after few months, noticed people throwing away furniture with black marks (bed bug fecal matter). In June 2011 I spotted a live one. Landlord has a "guy" who supposedly sprayed my studio after I reported it and who was supposed to return every other week. A few unreturned phone calls and a month a half later, the guy had not returned.

I know other rooms had it worse than me.

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nosotros vivimos solo dos meses y en ese tiempo se echo a perder todo
lastimosamente esta infestado el edificio, y cuando le dije al dueno se molesro y me dijo q yo las habia llevado, y q tenia q fumigar , cuando yo fui la unica afectada pq perdi todo solo me sali con mi ropa , tubimos q tirar todo.

The manager of our building had brought us up some stuff for our bug problem then he noticed the bite on my arm he then told me that it was bed bugs. He found 10 of them and he told me that he was going to bring up some spray this happened on 11-09-2010 he has yet to come back and give us or offer us anything to get rid of them. I dont recommend anyone moving into this building its a big joke. I dont know how i am going to sleep when im worried about bugs crawling on me.

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