925 W Carmen Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-3224

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I myself have not had problems with bedbugs, nor has any of the other residents I'm aware of living in the building.

It's my opinion that these people spreading this malicious gossip are in fact, past residents who wouldn't be satisfied with anything .
Too bad, most of the people I've met in the building seem reasonable, after all this building is a far from the high end Gold Cost area.
Nor is anyone paying high end rent to live here.

Guaranteed, this is an older building {1930's) a

nd will exhibit problems now and again.
However any issues I've had with my apartment have been taken care of in a reasonable amount of time,
management seems OK.

Give this building a chance,
you might be surprised!

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The whole building is infested with bed bugs!There has benn numerous complaints and reports made an nothing has been done.Im afraid to go to bed in fear of getting eatin alive by bed bugs.You see them climbing the walls and in the halls and making complaints does nothing.The management is bullshit and the owner of the building does nothing to help!Please pass by this building and run if looking for a apartment you DO NOT WANT TO LIVE HERE!Its hazardous and a mess!Everyone in the building is awar

e of the issues and the bug problem and some justs ignore it!Theres vacant apartments in this building that is a breeding ground for theses bugs and they are left untouched,uncleaned,and is just a breeding habitat for these bugs.Not once has a exterminator been out to fix the prolem.This building is a threat to the whole block!

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the bed bugs are not the only problem. we have a child predator here and very poor management. very emmotional unstable people. you dont want to live here. i am working on moving out asap. but like the previous person i am affraid of taking these bedbugs with me.

Not sure about the other guy but I got out of that building. Ridiculous management. They never hired an exterminator but instead had the maintenance guy go around spraying the building. I also got a mysterious bottle labeled "bug spray" placed outside my door. Never figured out what that was for as it was written on with a sharpie. Point being, avoid this building if you can. Even if just to avoid the shit management that runs the place.

Bed bugs have been found in my apartment (apt 5B). I started waking up with bites on my legs (happened on 8/9/10). First night I ignored it but when it happened again it prompted an investigation. I tore apart the bed and ended up finding about 5-10 bed bugs. I promptly told management who gave me some bed bug spray. I promptly sprayed the bugs that were visible plus spraying anywhere I thought they'd hide. An exterminator is apparently coming back through. I hope it's soon because I'm tired of

the bites and sleeping in paranoia. I can't go anywhere else for fear of taking them with me. I reported this to Chicago 311 as of 8/12/10 to create a record of this. I hope it's resolved soon.

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