5250 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60640-2513

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I never had a problem with bugs in this Bldg. (5250) during my 4 year stay 2006 -2010 March after a
few months I rented a new apartment at a differnt address and got theese
darned bed bugs. I'm tempted to report that bldg. as well. After moving out of my new infested apt. Aug 31 I contacted the mgmt. at 5250 Sheridan and inquired about renting a studio. I than mentioned my bed bug issues, and that I got rid of all my stuff and it would not be a problem. Than they mentioned a studio was av

I found out later that a tenant in 5250 had them.
This goes to show that apartment mgrs. may not admit anything even when asked.

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I am a case manager with a psychiatric rehabilitation center, and we have been visiting clients in their apartments at this address. I noticed that a client's bed had at least 100 dark brown spots. When asked what they were, he said "these bed bugs are eating me up." He'd swept the floor, and there were 30-40 bedbugs in the pile. The exterminator came in and sprayed, but we are not sure if they are gone. The client stayed up at night scratching himself from the bites, and trying to smash the bug

s with his hands.

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