949 W Foster Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-2510

Found 6 reports:

Khan bldng has lot of bugs you can not sleep you take this bug with your clothes in uber x taxi

they give 1 bedroom apartment and even studio to whole family ehich is totally illegal and they do this with my friend and her baby was died in this building I hate this building and and someone report for his mother that baby is abused by her mother which is totally wrong because in postpartum show that the baby was died by sid which is called sudden infant death and I think khan building is arrested they all are jealous people live that building

this bldg had thid bug prob for along time i used to live there 4 yrs ago when is the citt going to wake up

All of the buildings are infested with bed bugs and they are unstoppable.

Khan Building on Foster/Sheridan has bed bug in almost all apartments. The landlord just can't get rid off them. At night they come out of wall outlets and drop from inside exhaust fans.

we just moved in a one bedroom at 949 west foster avenue. After about a week we discovered that this building had a bed bug problem. There aren\'t any infested areas in my apartment but i think the bugs are comming from other units. I have bed bug powder spread around the floor. so far it seems to be working but not as effectively as it should be . but we will give it another week or so..

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