5455 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60640-1970

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October 4, 2011; Daytime:
Saw an informational ad on bed bugs posted on a bulletin board in the mail room. Read the short article and went to inspect my bed. Nothing noted on the bed or bedding. I was concerned because I thought I had a few flea bites and I had even commented to the Door person of my supposed ailment. No blood, just raised small pin-point welts.
October 19, 2011; 01:30AM:
Woke up to find my left arm and sheets covered in blood. I knew immediately what this was and despite

the inspection 2 weeks earlier knew I now had bed bugs. I ran to the computer to read up on my predicament.
October 19, 2011; Late morning:
Informed the management of 5455 Edgewater Plaza Condominiums. Told them I had a carcass and showed them my arm with multiple welts growing as time went on. They scheduled a treatment for Friday between 1:00-3:00PM. I mentioned the info sheet they had displayed was not any where near sufficient enough for the conditions faced. There should be a notice with a WARNING that they are in the building and the next Homeowners meeting (October 25, 2011) should discuss this issue. I am a renter and was not allowed to attend or speak at the meeting. They removed the short informative article that same day and have not replaced it with ANYTHING AT ALL for over 2 1/2 weeks now! Egregious mismanagement and a grave sin of omission through a conspiracy to cover the issue up!
October 25, 2011; 7:00PM:
No specific education or info was given at the owner's meeting except that they would get the service of a bed bug dog. This never happened for my unit since I had been treated already. They did state the dog would visit my unit in 8 days but that is not allowed for the dog's health post a chemical treatment. Another instance of management NOT aware of the process.
October 21, 2011; 1:00-3:00PM:
Exterminator came. I had to show him of the markings on the box springs. He said, Yes you have them." Told me they would return next week. I was upset they would not treat right away. They scheduled a treatment for next Tuesday. But I was never given the appropriate info that the office did have on file on the preparations necessary for treatment.
October 25, 2011; 02:30PM:
Treated unit and found 2 dozen bugs. Half were small "babies." While I had to wait one week to be treated the bugs were reproducing and had offspring.
November 1, 2011; 01:00PM:
I received my second treatment. No evidence of living bugs were found. They still repeated treatment for efficiency. They left the cans they used which was "Bedlam." This is a product you can purchase yourself although I would not suggest spraying on your own. But we know what they use!

I appear to be bug free and am in the process of moving which was delayed due to extermination. I was informed I could leave (this is HIGHLY against outlined procedures) but luckily I knew better and would not submit my next home to any possible infestation. Proves an intelligent approach on my part since I have heard of others requiring multiple treatments (up to 3). This is another example of Draper & Kramer Management not being fully aware of the approved process.
The office admit to 8 units having bed bug issues. In 3 days, while washing ALL I own in the laundry room, I met 18!!! units who have had this issue previously or currently. Either Draper & Kramer Management is again hiding the facts or as I also fear, people are treating this themselves with bug bombs only to infect their neighbors. A majorly inappropriate thing to do. They will only spread them to your neighbors. A cloverleaf approach should also be instituted which they claim, but I have spoken with ALL surrounding units and nobody was informed. So I shared my experience with the entire floor and all others I met in the laundry room explaining fully what had happened and all I am doing to eradicate the issue so I may educate my fellow residents to protect themselves.
Sadly, to prove the ignorance of this building further, I had disposed of my bed and headboard with a note, "BED BUGS. DO NOT USE!" Some fool confiscated it and brought it back into the building! The lack of information by Draper & Kramer Management has now so adversely affected this building that after more than 6 years I am extremely happy to leave.
Ironically, this was my most favorite place I have ever lived. But with the clandestine approach of Draper & Kramer, things will only get worse! I am so happy I will not be here despite my love of this unit and wonderful, considerate landlords. The landlords were very supportive and tried to do everything they could but most had to be handled through the office.
A board member is suspected of also having this issue and a board member's relative was infected at the same time I was. They know what is going on but choose to sweep the bed bugs under the rug!
I am not ashamed of my problem but initially was. Knowing that I did nothing wrong to be infected I immediately made this a personal mission to inform fellow residents so ill informed!

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