5445 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60640-1959

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RE: FastMover.
FYI: Did you know that cockroaches are one of the preditors of BB's? Ants too.

There are bed bugs and roaches. Reported to managment and nothing was done. Reported to owner, nothing again. All of this since a water line flooded floors 27 down to the lobby on Dec 28th, 2012. Nothing done about the wet walls and now there are roaches and bed bugs.

RE: Anonymous on 11/29/2011. Sounds like the Aesop Fable: The Wolf and the Lamb. This will be brought up in our building's meetings.

BTW the halls are looking great. So management "did good" on that. Maybe it will keep the bedbugs from going apartment to apartment via the front doors.

Yeah.... :P

Infestation found. Photo's and bodies in jar ready to forensically (court level) proof for any casual observer and 'Anonymous'

There r several units that have bed bugs, however the residents r afraid to tell the building mgmt. There needs to be an inspection in all units.

How can you state that a report is absolutely false? Have you talked with every tenant in the building?

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The listing posted for 9/27/11 is absolutely false. It seems some malcontents who have nothing better than to make life for others harder and go out of their way to be vindictive, petty losers posted that. I have lived here since May 2011 and can attest that not one trace of bed bugs has been found.

Started in May 2011 - Bed Bug bites, contaminated furniture, and still going though extermination process. Unit #1911. (rental)

1 dead, several signs of moltings. No live ones as of yet.

6/6/10 in Unit 1907. Tenant reports bites and one bedbug seen on box springs.

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