5415 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60640-1916

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The dog belongs to the association president. Power makes right.
They had a meeting where the dog sniffed a test jar with BBs in it. Then the jar was hidden and the dog could not find it.

Park Tower doesn't have a resident bed bug dog because it's 'over-run' with bed bugs. On the contrary; they have the dog because they want to stay on top of the problem. Any large building (especially in a major city) is going to have bed bugs. That's just the new reality - and any building manager that tells you otherwise is either lying - or is in deep denial (which is a recipe for a serious bed bug epidemic). All buildings should be on high alert, especially during the summer when many people

travel (or have people traveling to visit them).

As to the anonymous poster who complains that Park Tower doesn't allow dogs (but approved the bed bug-detecting dog), this is a petty issue that a handful of residents continue to harp on. This dog is providing an important service to every resident of the building. When circumstances arise that could not have been foreseen when the original rules were written, an exception is sometimes justified. Thanks to this sweet, hard-working dog, Park Tower may very well be the most well-monitored/controlled building in regards to bed bugs in the City.

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Park Tower is not unique in regards to the bed bugs issue. Yes, they have them. However, it is maybe the most proactive building in eliminating this issue. I have rental units in several buildings in Chicago, and other buildings have bed bugs, too, but are conveniently silent about them. As of now, it is my understanding that only a few units have bed bugs in Park Tower (due to the canine inspector, a well behaved, cute dog), and things are well under control. If you want to rent or buy a unit,

the management will do an inspection of the unit first. Furthermore, the management works with you, your landlord or your tenant, to eliminate them - almost holding your hand through the process.

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There are so many units with bed bugs. A bedbug dog lives in this building because it is so bad with bugs. The building has a no dog policy but this dog is allowed because of the huge problem. Over 40 units have the bugs.

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