5417 N Kenmore Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-1807

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(Read hostage Part I for background)


"2"Days to ready over weekend.

Conveniently 2 days before Court.
(In court due to bedbug Infestation Negligence/ABUSE!!!!!!!!!)

And since the municipality of Chicago is coming to INSPECT Us.

Note gets Quietly slipped under my door(not a word)Friday night.

Prepare to be fumigated Monday Morning!!!!!!!!!!!

Pressure Tactic?????

Will I have any will to delay? Will I d

rop all my Weekend Obligations To Get rid of my problem? YOU BET, but not quietly!!!!!!!!!!!!

There!, is that what you wanted you have 2 days.

Normally for roach crew 1 month heads up. Prep is nothing just have pets procured.

But for bedbugs must comply with list. Prepare and stage everything you own as if moving.

Empty Full Unit and stage all belongings in center with all Drawers and compartments Open.

You have 2 days, cancel all your plans. There are you happy now!!!??????

Sending in dead of winter, hoard is slow, looking good.

Way to cheap to send in "Dead" of summer when the Bloodthirsty Hoard is Devouring at its peak.

Fine. I really recommend you as a "5"Star Resort!!!!!!!!!


God Bless you for allowing us the cyberspace to expose and vent.


see full report...

Copied and pasted from the original complaint as submitted to the Cook County Dept. of Public Health about M. Fishman and Co. Office/Branch at 3215 W. Fullerton Parkway
Chicago IL

From lack of experience with the presence of bedbugs and fleas I took at face value the managements claim of periodic bug extermination and that the building was safe from bug infestation.

The very month I moved in November(Slow bedbug season) I began waking up with strange itchy bumps and rashes in the a

bdomen and lower area and feet.

The incidents were taken as isolated and with a busy job overload, it went by unperceived as a problem. Mainly because I had not witnessed any mosquitos , nats or bitting type insects.

As the Months progressed From winter to the heat of summer the situation got extreme.

My girlfriend was victim of severe bedbug and flea attack, I was swarming in bedbugs but still did not see them, or really looked for bedbugs or fleas, due to my lack of knowledge of them.

I knew something was biting us and could feel biting of the legs and extremities with the sensation that you get bitten but never see any bug, but we didn't know what that was.

One night in July while my girlfriend was away I had a traumatic experience with bedbugs eating me alive on my bed, only to finally see one as he was crawling on my skin.

As I swung to squash it I caught a glimpse of another making a getaway under the matress, so as I took flight after it, I raised the mattress and to my shock and dismal horror I discovered the worse of a nesting infestation of bedbugs had colonized underneath my mattress and were all over the frame.

The same bed I had been comfortably sleeping in for the previous year without a single incident of bug presence, now a night-fright of blood leech infested army. I found out they were blood leeches only after squashing them to ward them off.

I was In dismal shock !!!!!!!

It was in this state of shock and due to lack of bedbug awareness, that my stomach heaved and I moved quickly to trash the mattress and frame.

I have since learned of proper procedure through a self motivated awareness campaign. Big reason for my filing this complaint.

WIthout further waiting, now fully aware the place was a bedbug infested slum, I sent the first of 2 emails to M. Fishman and Co. raising the voice of alarm, making them clearly aware of the progression of the problem, and clearly stating that my girlfriend and I were being subject to bedbug attacks on a daily basis and all throughout the day and while sleeping at night.

They neither confirmed or denied previous awareness of the problem, but did confirm that the periodic bug fumigation was for roaches and other bugs but did absolutely nothing for solving my bedbug infestation.

I repeatedly illustrated the problem as a "Severe Bedbug Infestation", so as to have the contracted treatment co. apply the right amount of treatment.

I was told by management that they only provide the bedbug treatment if there is a reported problem. So they would sent the bedbug treatment people as soon as I told them what a good day for me was.

Still after reading my complaint I had to wait and suffer severe bedbug attack, 2 days because my workload was such that I did not get a chance to call and schedule.

I actually thought they would sound the alarm, come ASAP, fumigate, perform followup fumigation, and inspection for this and the surrounding units. But nothing. "NOTHING!". If I didn't call to schedule in person I would have just been put on hold till I did.

Which I felt was a neglectful stall tactic, making me feel I really had to go through the red tape and schedule in person, a way to make me beg every time I got Infested and over-run with the hoard of blood leeches. Humiliating??? Neglectful management???, or just all around "Negative stimuli". Not exactly "thanks for patiently bringing it to our attention" is it???

This as opposed to the other bug visit that does nothing for bedbugs, but they don't need me to schedule that, they just send a note under the door saying "exterminator visit on such day, please have pets out of way". "You do not have to be there, but we do need to get in there". As in "ready or not", building code, health code … Urgent Official business, Immediate Need!!!

After my first attempt at tenant landlord verbal negotiation, I was assured that a treatment would be scheduled and that my problem would be followed up and my unit free of infestation.

Once receiving verbal confirmation I did immediately submit the full amount of the rent for August at the beginning of August, as I had held off on making payment until I spoke to management.

I felt the severity of the problem "enduring unlivable health conditions", justified my waiting a few days after the rent deadline, until I had the free time to address the issue in person with the management representative.

In addition I had a good standing payment record since November of 2011, until August when I first attempted to negotiate in reference to my unbearable disappointment at their neglect. By the time I discovered what was happening I was overrun by a vicious hoard.

On the much awaited day the bedbug treatment company arrived, applied the treatment and then told me that if the infestation was severe it would require various applications until I actually watched them disappear.

I was told that building maintenance would need to send them out a few times until the problem was gone.
Thereafter the problem was proven to be resolved that follow up treatment could remain on an "as needed basis".

It was the end of the 1st week in August and I I reveled in happiness as the bed bug crew left my unit thinking the problem was finally gone, resolved, put to past, …


I waited for a follow up inspection, as well as the promised follow up treatment and to this very moment I am still waiting.
I waited for some of the surrounding units to be inspected, but nothing happened.

The initial treatment reduced the amount of bedbug attacks but did not eliminate them all together, as we were still waking up with bites and rashes from scratching.

By the end of August the problem had gone from bad to a severe extreme infestation. It was as if the initial treatment angered the hoard and so they regrouped and came back with a hungry Vengeance!!!

The attacks were so severe that we could not stand, sit, lie, or walk anywhere in the unit without getting bit, and having to swat bloody leeches.

I was at that point and still am in terror about buying a new bed or furniture, so I sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor.

My personal life was in shambles due to the level of isolation that comes from being infested. My friends telling me not to come by so their dogs won't catch my fleas.

My mother /co-signer was due to move in July, but our plans were shattered because she did not have the stomach to endure blood leeches.

My girlfriend fell victim to relentless attacks.

We could not lay or sit anywhere to watch TV for 5 minutes without being eaten alive!!!!!

But worse of all I began to discover stole away bedbugs in my clothes and equipment bags at work.

In an effort to maintain my patience, in the face of such a devastating life shattering instance of neglect, I attempted once more to pose the problem to M. Fishman and Co. management.

Feeling totally abused neglected and humiliated, I sat and wrote what I felt was my last hope, as I could see they were not looking to shell out money for ongoing bedbug treatment.

In this email I begged, pleaded, humbled myself, as well as once again verbally described the severity of the infestation as it had now escalated from the previous peak of offensiveness before the treatment.

I send a dozen pictures of the carnage: my girlfriend's arm all bitten up, with open bugsores and swollen, (The second time she got swarmed that bad her arms swelled so bad like balloons I thought she was going into anaphylactic shock).

I sent pictures of my white shirt bloodstained from killing a bedbug that climbed up my arm bitting me inside the shirt, and who spattered my shirt with blood as I squashed it in motion up by my shoulder.

Pictures of the bites/welts that same bedbug left as it bit its way up my arm.

pictures of bloodstained floors from squashing bedbugs with the bedbug in the picture, pictures of my feet so bit up it looked like they had patches of circular scar tissue, a circumference of bug scars all overlapping.

All day long I would have to tap out my slippers out on the wall when I started feeling the bites, as I tapped the slippers on the wall bedbugs would come tumbling out in all different sizes, and colors. This every day all day and night.

I even sent a motion video taken with my phone of bedbugs traveling at the edge of my sleeping bag, racing around to get to my feet.

I actually described the severity in my letter to them as follows, "The problem is so severe I am being bitten repeatedly on the feet as I sit and write this e-mail now"!!!

I told the maintenance man it was so bad all day and night I had to tap my feet out, and he said nothing.

I also once again added in my email(available) to Fishman and Co., that I did not want to create problems with building commissioner and building inspections of various needed kind.

That I needed my credit in good standing and was not looking for broken lease issues.

However in light of their past negligence we decided to hold off on the rent until we had some guarantee of total contractual compliance in ridding us of the severe health hazard present in their unit.

To make a long story short I did not get a chance for phone follow up with M. Fishman to set up an appointment after my email, and they never sent the bedbug exterminators because I was too busy at work, out of town, to call and beg some more. I felt my email was complete and they should have just sent someone ASAP.

But the next thing I got in October was a five day notice, telling me I was delinquent in my rent, and threatening to terminate my contract. No mention whatsoever of the bedbug treatment or bug issue at all.

A bedbug extermination team was never sent. At that point I began to look for options for moving out.

To my dismal horror I discovered that a new law in IL, now holds me liable if I move into a unit already certified as passed bedbug inspection and thereafter it is discovered that I brought the infestation from 5417 N. Kenmore. I actually said this to the maintenance man.

Therefore why knowingly inflict this misery on anyone as per moving in with my new hoard of pet bed Bugs from 5417 N. Kenmore.

So November our situation had turned into a gridlock, with them refusing to fumigate and me refusing to pay a penny to live in gruesome affliction.

Finally understanding after personal bedbug research, that I had no choice but to stay the winter when the infestation is at its slowest, and try to move my stuff out slowly after disinfecting them.

So in November of 2012 when the lease expired I sent management through their Janitor/custodian a certified bank check for the full amount of back rent with late fees for the tardy months.

I even included December's payment in an effort to resolve the issue and just try to have patience in 2013 to keep after them and beg and keep begging, every time the hoard gets out of control.

To my shock I later received the money in return with a message that they refused to renew my lease, so I had to pay only the backrent and get out.

After that came the eviction order, and an attempt to forcefully oust me and eliminate the proof.

No consideration for having afflicted me by neglecting to disinfect.

I did collect actual sample of various bedbug specimen as were available, when I finally read on the web to save sample for lab analysis.

I have one that just bit me on December 31st at midnight. No joke. It's in a ziplock all by itself. Along with past samples of the small poppyseed size and the full size and different colors.

I also have the email as sent with photo attachments to M. Fishman and Co.

Thank you for any effort to bring an end to the terrible confidence scam at 5417 N. Kenmore where they knowingly rent bedbug infestation then neglect to fumigate for lack of desire to shell out the needed investment of such.

I appreciate any action brought forth to expose and resolve the issue for the good of our local community, pitted against new age bedbugs and exploitation villain slum lords.

I am at your disposal for any assistance needed in reference to this issue, and will be happy to cooperate and state the facts.

see full report...

Lived in this apartment building last year. Had a couple bed bug sightings in my unit but nothing extreme, i.e. no bites. Though I do know of someone on my floor that had to move out due to their apartment being completely infested. Management does do routine exterminator checks but it does not seem like the problem has been eradicated.

I woke up with bites on my face and feet and back. GROSS. i bought a mattress cover and the landlord said that they cant bring someone to come till next tuesday. Im freaking out. the bites are on my face!!!

I woke up with bites on my face and feet and back. GROSS. i bought a mattress cover and the landlord said that they cant bring someone to come till next tuesday. Im freaking out. the bites are on my face!!!

the situation they have in 5417 N kenmore has been resolved we have concluded that now there isnt any sort of bedbug in this building.We have the best exterminators that fixed the situtaion the building is under new managementt with no bedbugs or any other kind of animal.This building is going trought new remodaltain with hard wood floors new windows and new ampliances.For more informatioin about the building contact James at his number 1773-661-5500 M.fishman company.

I do not know why?, This location has not yet been identified as one of the most alarming with bedbugs, I lived there, I have 2 months that I moved because I could not bear to live with the bugs, the worst is that managers are a irresponsible, talk to them about the situation and ignored me, said there was nothing of bugs, I definitely had to move and I lost all my furniture, because all were infested ........
Please do not rent out there is dirty and full of bugs and managers are incompetent .


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