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I had been living in my studio apartment for close to three years and am not sure when I actually got them, but had I had any information about them whatsoever, I would have known earlier. I actually saw a couple of full-sized ones crawling opn my bed!! But I had no idea they were bedbugs and just assumed they were beatles! Summer bugs that crawled in through my air conditioner. Unfortunately, I lived above an alleyway and had had experiences with nasty bugs crawling up--that may even have be

en where they cane from, who knows. At any rate, I had checked behing and under my bed for what I thought was a beetle infestatiom and never found anything. The night I realized what was going on, I actually sensed a bug crawling up my pillow toward my face (horrifying!) And in that moment just knew. I turned the lights on and followed it to where I ran to which, even more horrifyimgly, was a crowd of small ones on the wall right behind my bedframe under my head!! On first glance, they actually just looked like a smudge of dirt or a skid mark from my bed frame, but upon MUCH closer inspection, I saw tiny red bugs moving, but moving in a very liquid-type movement that can completely escape your eyed unless you're looking right at then. Thus ensued the bedbug massacre of 2010. And that was the last night I spent in my apartment. My landlord tried to convince me that if I moved I would only bring them with me, but of course I took every extreme precaution when moving, which meant that a move that should have taken three days max took about two weeks.

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