1055 W Catalpa Ave
Chicago, IL 60640-1513

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Lived on 5th floor for 2 years and constantly struggled with bed bugs. Regular exterminations would get rid of them for a few weeks or months, but they'd always come back. Several rooms on my floor would always opt out of treatment on extermination day, assuring the bugs a safe haven.

We moved in 08/2010 and a month after moving in we found bedbugs in our 4th floor apartment. the manager exterminated once. we stayed in the building for two years and the bedbugs always came back.

The bed bugs came and the exterminator came. It seemed only my unit was being treated, though the landlord insists otherwise. A few months later they came back. They do exterminate, but I've been disappointed in the extermination process. It doesn't appear other tenants are being informed of the problem. I've been living out of bags for months. I can't wait to move so I can sleep in peace again!

Had never seen a bed bug before in my life, then Went out of town from 9/25-9/30/11. Apartment was checked for bedbugs the day before I left (none were found) and exterminated while I was gone. I came back to find my bed completely infested. Exterminator not coming until 10/3! Used to have roaches, and now I suddenly miss them. Bed bugs are much creepier. I can only hope the extermination works, but I'm not hopeful considering the other comments.

This building is horrible, I've had bed bugs eradicated twice, but they eventually come back. It seems that some people do not care about their infested apartments. Bed bugs were gone for 7 months so they must come from other apartments. I've contacted the landlord many times, few times they came out for free, another time they charged me. Now it seems they treat one apartment at the time. I'm so glad I'm moving out soon, as I'm sick and tired of fighting with bed bugs..that s*** itches for days

. Stay away from this building as they do have bedbugs, along with cockroaches and mice.

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Rats!!! RATS!!!! Freakin Rats in the Building.
And now, bugs are backing them up. This is a terrible apartement.

Bed bugs are on floor number 2 and also floor number 3 of apartment building as of April 2,2011
no problem has been solved regarding bed bugs.Do not take apartment in this building the building engineer is very very lazy. They leave garbage for 3 to 5 days if not longer.

neighbors on 4th flr have had for at least a month exterminator out at least twice and did spray our apt as a precaution. Thank you landlord!!! proactive. the unit has family on another floor and they are in and out all the time spreading the little critters about!!!

5th floor apartment - came back after being gone for the holidays (dec 09) and found this plague waiting in our bed. Apparently, other units in the building have had problems for months and the landlords are switching exterminators since they are not getting results. I have a feeling it's more of a tenant compliance issue rather than the exterminators, as another resident on our floor doesn't seem to mind having bedbugs and did not even alert the landlord despite getting bitten. The landlord see

ms very responsive.

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