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Chicago, IL 60639-1918

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I went to the doctor after I couldnt stand the itch and had more and more weltsshowing up on my arms, stomach, legs. The doctor said I had a severe allergy reaction and althought I was taking medicine it would not clear up. I began to do research online and heard about bed bugs and so I went to the matress and found a few of them there and on the floor under bed. so I strted sleeping on the couch but ened up throwing my couch and bed away as they invaded the couch. The lanlord hired exterm

inator and I bought the powder only that cuts them up in pieces when they walk on it. It has been two months and now my son has develop the rash on his arms and so today I get to go inspect his room. If he has them I'll throw his bed away too! I also know that there are some at 4311 n nelson as my moms neighbors just moved out because of the bedbugs,

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