1063 W Columbia Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-4517

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I'm also on the fourth floor in unit 407. I too have been affected my bed bugs and have resorted to just throwing out my bed and sleeping on the floor. I have contacted management and they don't seem to care. I really am at a loss, cuz they're still biting me.

i moved in july 20, 2010 in apt 412.

it is the studio on the end. the room next to me was also empty. the room across from me became empty within days of me moving in.

i went on a vacation for a week to the east coast days after moving in. the entire time i was traveling i noticed strange bites.

after returning home i realized my apt was infested with bed bugs, & i began the process of quarantining & cleaning my belongings. THIS IS 2 WEEKS AFTER MOVING IN.

my next door neighbor who

moving into the other empty studio has told me she also has bed bugs.

both rooms have been exterminated by the building management. they also have started exterminating each floor each week throughout the entire building.

see full report...

Management seems to be handling issue well, but there are multiple units with bed bugs in this building. 4/22/09

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