6818 N Wayne Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-3718

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I rented an apartment at this location and am having the same issues. I have found bed bugs in my apartment and I am a very clean person. I have also seen very large begs by the back door on numerous occasions. Not to mention the constant sighting of these so called "water bugs" or in other words roaches in the laundry room. Which I have killed a few in my apartment. Does anyone know how to get out of my lease? I want to move as soon as possible. The management company is rude and has lied from

the start. It seems this bed bug issues has been going on for years.

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I rented an apartment in this for less than a year between 2014-2015. I didn't realize there were bedbugs already reported for this building, a couple of them floating around the internet, to say the least. Within a week of renting the apartment, I noticed black spots on the walls, which I assumed to be damaged plaster/drywall/wood in the building.

The building has an in-building laundry area, and one evening, I saw a monstrous-sized cockroach, laying dead on the floor. It was there on the f

loor for a couple days too.. once I became more observant of my apartment's bug population, I saw that the bedbugs would come out late at night, from the baseboards, electrical outlets, etc. I was horrified.. I've never experienced or seen bedbugs in my time of renting apartments.

After I called the building manager, he claimed to "handle the situation", but he only exterminated individual apartment units that "had problems with the bedbugs". Needless to say, I relocated and haven't had a problem with the bedbugs since I moved.

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This is an apartment building owned by Cagan Management. Last spring (April, 2011) there were incidents of bed bugs in the building. Cagan tried treating the situation unit by unit, instead of the whole building. Of course, the bed bug problem spread and got worse. Other residents (including myself) found out "the hard way" that there were bed bugs, as Cagan neglected to alert the tenants (over 20 units).

I spoke with someone who still lived in the building at the end of the summer last

year (August, 2011) and they said that the problem had still not been resolved.

Although this occurred in 2011, I would not trust the building, nor would I trust Cagan Management.

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