6956 N Ashland Blvd
Chicago, IL 60626-3311

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2015 still there on 4th floor

From July 2007-early 2009 I rented an apartment in this building on the third floor. This apartment, I found out months after moving in, was heavily infested with bed bugs. After contacting the landlord, some minor attempts were made to alleviate the problem through pest control services. However, it was my opinion that the building owner was "cheap" and only minimally tried to show some effort by sending someone once or twice to spray a small amount of chemicals around.

Basically, when I mo

ved out in early 2009, the bed bug problem was still present. I can't imagine that it is any different today seeing how the efforts made at eradicating the bugs by the owner/landlord were not sincere or proactive enough to ever solve the problem while I was there.

If you are moving into this building, particularly the 3rd floor, be sure to inquire about bed bugs...and if possible get the apartment checked by a professional before moving in. I had to throw away a perfectly good couch, loveseat, and bed because they were too heavily infested with bedbugs to risk trying to take with me to my next apartment.

Renter beware.... Good luck... Sincerely....

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