1359 W Greenleaf Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-2916

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I moved into 1359 W Greenleaf in the Spring, a few months later I started noticing bites all over my body - yet saw no bugs when I searched. I finally got the property management to send over an exterminator. He looked at my mattress and said I had, "no bed bugs". He didn't spray and left.

That night I saw a few live bugs on my bed. I properly disposed of everything that was infested (e.g. mattresses, couch, desks and dressers), bagged all of my clothes, and then called them to come sp

ray again. It took over a week of bothering the property managers before the exterminator finally showed up. When he showed up he seemed confused about which apartments he was supposed to spray. All of my neighbors came out when he knocked on someone else's door to spray. Everyone said that they have had bedbugs very badly for months now as well, and they needed to get their apartments ready for him to spray. I said, "My apartment's ready. Can you come spray it now?". He said that I wasn't on his list, but after some convincing he came in and finally sprayed along the walls of my bedroom and kitchen.

From then on for weeks I was still getting bit, spent money on my own, very expensive combination of dust pesticide and spray pesticide. It may have warded them off for a weeks time, but I still had questions about how un-infested my apartment was. Soon, I found live bedbugs again. The property management have been unhelpful and ineffective about solving this problem.

The worst part is that I was told a woman left her bedbug infested items in the enclosed back exit of the apartments. I found her mattress right next to the back door of my apartment, left there for months without the removal of the items by the property management.

TLDR - The whole building is infested with bedbugs, virtually no help from the property management.

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