7455 N Greenview Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-1714

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I live in unit 406, a corner unit on the fourth floor of this building. Two days ago, my girlfriend and I noticed a proliferation of small red bumps on our bodies, and on a hunch I looked up pictures of bed bug bites. The pictures matched. My suspicions were confirmed when I checked my mattress and box spring and found not only bed bug eggshells, feces, and markings, but several live bugs. I've contacted the landlord and the alderman, and we have an exterminator coming tomorrow.

For my part,

I'm deeply worried about how this will turn out, and I suspect that I am not the only one to have had bedbug trouble since the last complaint listed on this website for this building in 2012. I will post updates as they develop.

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My boyfriend and I have been finding weird bumps/rashes on ourselves for over 2 months, and today I actually found and caught a bed bug that was crawling on our sheets.

Besides bed bugs, this place already has a massive cockroach infestation. Live somewhere, anywhere else.

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