7645 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60626-1310

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I had bed bugs in July 2011, and the management was going to use their own maintenance person to deal with it by caulking my apt and spreading diatomaceous earth in the apartment. This is how they have dealt with every case of bed bugs in the building to the best of my knowledge. When I moved in they told me they never had a problem with bugs. When I got bed bugs, I found out that the person across the hall had them within the past year and someone else in the building had them a month before me

. I have no way of knowing if the problem is pervasive, but they let furniture sit in the hallways, and do not educate the tenants about bed bugs. However, they let me out of my lease when I wanted to vacate the apartment after I hired and paid for a professional pest control service.

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