4829 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60625-1412

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I lived at this building for a year, well almost a year, just one month shy. It's an older building and everything is not exactly sparkly and new like I would prefer, but in Chicago, you have to go with what you can afford sometimes. Even though, I'm pretty sure my studio was overpriced, but what isn't in this city? I never really had too much of an issue with anything until I spotted an odd looking entity on my bed.

That's right. Bed bugs. (This occured during June of 2010 and then again Se

ptember of 2010)

Me, being completely grossed out, threw out my mattress, box springs, bedding, pillows, EVERYTHING. I also had to take a day off of work to wash everything (clothes, rugs, towels, etc) in my apartment and vaccuum every nook and cranny of my apartment. Mind you, I had only had my bed for about....8 months when this catastrophe happened.

I called up Hunter Properties and they were very quick about getting an exterminator over to the building and spraying my unit. I bought a new bed, equipped with the fort knox of mattress/box spring encasements, and spent some major $$$ to prevent having to throw out another bed, if they were to ever come back.

I was really, really hoping I would never see one of those blood suckers ever again.

I did not see another one, or any signs of them for about 3 months. Unfortunately, during those 3 months I had become paranoid, almost to the point of neuroticism, where I was constantly checking for any signs of them in my bed, around my bed, around my apartment, anywhere I thought they could hide, I checked it. I also never slept completely through the night after my first discovery of them. Never.

Well, my neuroticism did not fail me, as I spotted a bed bug right before my new lease was to begin. I called the leasing office the next day, and while the girl I spoke with was very sympathetic and nice, I told her I could NOT live there anymore. The problem obviously wasn't solved AND it probably wasn't going to get solved unless they treated all the units. Which, let's face it, they're not going to do. So, after a little deliberation on their part, which they really didn't have much too deliberate about...they let me out of my lease.

While I've had positive encounters with the HP staff, I would NEVER live in a building managed by them again.

Needless to say, living at a bed bug free residence, I am sleeping much better these days.

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