3224 N Central Park Ave
Chicago, IL 60618-5306

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this week my mother who is disabled and on public assistance reported 2 infestations to the landlord.

first for flying ants which infested an air conditioner the landlord provided.

and now more recently bed bugs which due to a blood clotting problem leave her bleeding for a while after being bitten.

she informed the landlord twice, once of each infestation and he proceded to spray the air conditioner with bug spray with reckless abandon, not helping her asthma. and then simply giving he

r a sad look at the information of the infestation.

my mother is weak and old. and was left helpless to remove the affected bed's linens and clothes.

he has yet to hire or even mention hiring professional pest control.

google shown me this website and im using it.

additional information, another tenant in this multi room apartment rental situation recently moved out of his room down the hall about a month ago. and this infestation is quite large and new.

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