401 E 32nd St
Chicago, IL 60616-4012

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march 2012 had bed bug bites on my arm after checking found they were in master bedroom, this appears to be a continuing problem in this building that mgmt is not taking seriously (Lk Meadows Apts)called ofc and they did treat had to do multiple treatments which took approx 3 weeks. I am on a lower floor

They've been in the building for over 5 years as I've known several residents that moved out on higher floors...well, now they've made it to my floor (lower floor) and I am none to thrilled living out of bags, etc.

I've been living here for a month and recently found bites but no bags yet really scared :(

My roommates and I moved into Lake Meadows in August of 2010, and by September we had found that there was a bed bug infestation in our apartment. We called maintenance and they informed us that an exterminator would be there the next day to confirm that they were bed bugs. Once this was confirmed, we were told that they had to spray the apartment and that we would not be able to be in the apartment at this time. My roommates and I had to relocate for two months while they tried to clear the p

roblem, and were never apologized to or reimbursed for any of our problems, including packing all of our clothes and belongings into plastic bags, living out of suitcases for two months while still attending school full-time, or finding a new place to stay during this time. The bed bugs seemed to be gone for most of the winter, but in March 2011 we found an adult bed bug crawling in our bathroom. The exterminator came and inspected the apartment once again, and we were told that this was an "isolated" incident and that there were no other bugs found, although its doubtful that just one bug came out of seemingly nowhere. Living at Lake Meadows was one of the worst experiences of my life, and because of this, I would not recommend that anyone live in or even visit these apartments. Thank God our lease is up in two months!

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We lived in apt 2103. The first day Aug 29 th we move in we found bedbugs. Now a month has been passed we still suffer this problem.

My mother in law lives in apt. 2106. she has received several bed bug bites. The first one occured August 21, 2009. She received seven bites the first time. The second was Sept. 1 she received six bites. She is currently trying to get out the lease because she is a diabetic and has had an reaction.

I sub-leased apartment 1613 at 401 E 32nd St Chicago IL and noticed a couple bed bugs the last couple of weeks I lived in the residence.

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