2631 S Indiana Ave
Chicago, IL 60616-2814

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My mom lives here and has had a problem for over 6 months. At first she thought it was a rash and something she was eating. After a visit to the doctor, who suggested bed bugs, we started to suspect it. The apt. did not let the residents know there was a continuous problem or we would have been more proactive. Shame on them. Of course, they have since notified her floor and have not really tackled the problem like it should be tackled. We are considering moving as the place is not taking t

he needed action.

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My mother visited a relative last month and she developed a rash on her arm & foot, which turned out to be bed bug bites. This was confirmed by my mother and the relative who found several bed bugs. The building sends out exterminators, but you can’t get rid of the bugs if you do not get rid of the infestation...known infestation of tenants units. Management is fully aware of the infestation of beg bugs, but they don't seem to be too concerned. It’s a shame that elderly and dis

abled tenants have to live with this! The health department needs to inspect this place! I'm calling in a complaint to 311...you should too!

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This is a senior building with three hundred units. There has been an infestation of bed bugs for months and management has a pest control company coming twice weekly. I had to throw my mattress out, because I was out of town and when I returned and slept one night in my bed I had bites all over my body. They did an inspection and found bed bugs in my matress and box spring. I think I got them from someone I visited, because the units adjacent to mine doesn't have bed bugs. it is a nightmar


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Well, after seeing the one bed bug on my pillow at four o'clock in the morning, I couldn't go back in the bedroom. I slept in the recliner for two nights. My good friend came over Sunday, September 26th and we steamed the mattress, night stand, chair, box spring, all the linen and saw nothing at all. I took the comforter, pillow shams and dust ruffle off the bed and jsut put clean sheets on. Also, we put diatomaceous earth all over the hallway in front of all four doors at the end of the hal

lway where my unit is. It kills bed bugs by scratching their skin. They walk through it and they die in three days. We taped up the vents and puffed the DE into them. We inspected the bed frame, mattress, box spring and headboard and saw nothing at all. I guess the one bed bug must have came in from another unit and I got lucky and found it. It was ready to feed at four o'clock in the morning. I have no bites at all and haven't seen anything or any feces. Bed bugs come out usually between 10:00 PM-6:00, but if they're hungry they'll come out anytime to feed. If you have a serious infestation they'll come out all day and night. I am scared to death of bugs! When I saw that one reddish brown bug from about five feet away, I had a mental breakdown. I had to take Xanax! This is a seniot building and people are being bitten all the time. One lady said she had one crawling on her when she got to church and then she opened up her bible to read the scripture and another one was alive in her bible. Shit!

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Cambridge Manor has had a bed bug infestation for quite a few months. The tenants were ashamed to say anything and now the bed bugs are in many units, when we only a few, in the beginning. I saw one on my pillow, but when the maintenance man inspected my entire bed he didn't see any. Now, I'm on my way to my mother's. What are we going to do about these bed bugs. Chicago is number 3 in infestation. Pray I can control and rid my unit of these bugs.

Update: 4:30 AM. September 25 2010 I saw what I believe to be an adult bed bug in my unit. I inspected my bed frame, box spring and didn't see anything that looked like evidence. I am not a professional and I have an EXTREME PHOBIA OF ALL BUGS, but especially roaches and bed bugs. I was bitten by bed bugs as a child, so that might be why. Pray for me because I am having a full blown panic attack and I don't have but a few Xanax left, before I can refill my prescription.

About a month ago in August 2010 the management hired a pest control company to inspect Cambridge Manor for bed bug infestations after tenants complained of being bitten. Bed bug infestations were found in about 15 or more units and these units were treated and furniture was disposed of properly. A lot of Asians live in this building and they do not speak English. They were seen bringing used furniture into the building from the dumpster, which might have made the infestation worse, because s

ome of the furniture had been disposed of due to bed bug infestations. On September 23 2010 another infestitation was found in unit 1705 and the pest control company treated that unit, as well. The tenant had visited her sister in Lake Meadows which also had an infestation. The pest control company comes twice a week to treat and inspect. This is a senior building and some units are badly infested. I live in this building, but I do not have any bed bugs. I inspect my unit daily and I have been treated, as well. I use diatomaceous earth on the barrier walls, also. What a headache!

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