445 E Ohio St
Chicago, IL 60611-3350

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Apparently, for legal reasons the building cannot discuss previous or current infestations, including which units had or has bed bugs in the building. Yet, I cannot shake the feeling that this bed bug problem has been in the building for a while and now it's just my turn.

11th floor. Everywhere. They aren't doing much about it in this building. If they exterminate one unit, they spread to all adjacent units, including above and below.

Avoid this building.

Twenty-fifth floor. 1/3/10. Started with bites on leg, neck, wrist, arm. Was told by management they needed to "confirm" with pest control. My doctor told me I had them.

Exterminator sent said they were contained to bedroom, but I sleep on an air mattress now. I threw so many things away.

I do not think they have gone away as the exterminator stated. I certainly will not sleep in the bedroom. He told me to "try" it and see how it is. I do not want to "try" and get bit again. I h

ad such an allergic reaction my leg swelled up and was red.

Management has not trained their staff on the stubbornness of bedbugs.

1/8/10- inspection and first treatment, other treatments to follow

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Bedbug infestation in building.

Our apartment (1003) became infested early in the fall of 2009 (around October) and remained infested until late winter (late February 2010).

While the building managers were fairly quick to react to the problem, the exterminators were terribly ineffective. No amount of spraying, washing, vacuuming and cleaning worked. My partner and I finally exterminated the bedbugs using extreme heat and excessive amounts of diatomaceous earth.

Even though we finally

got rid of all our bedbugs, the building has had numerous reports of infestation on many of the floors. BEWARE.

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