W Maple St
Chicago, IL 60610

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The senior high rise building at 150 West Maple Street, known as Maple Pointe Apartments, is being overrun by bed bugs! There have been several apartments that have had severe bed bug infestations numbering in the hundreds! Seniors are unable to handle the preparation work that management requires of them. Management hired a company by the name of Bug and Scrub that are making the problem worse. They re-use the bags that they carry people's clothing in and they use the property's laundry roo

m to wash the clothes from infested apartments. If you know anyone that lives here, please warn them about these practices and the risk that seniors are being exposed to. Management does not realize what a huge problem they have on their hands and continue to use the pest control company Presto-X and Bug and Scrub...both of which are worthless and ineffective!

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