1333 N Cleveland Ave
Chicago, IL 60610-1755

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A HUD Senior Living facility, consisting of 11 floors with 110 apts. Doesn't report any bedbug infestations nor has the management produced a bedbug plan or prevention program. Sickly residence must complain and then wait for management to find a low bid, erratic "slap dash" company who's sole interest is to make quick money, not provide quality service. Once building management is alerted they must come see, then get volunteers (strangers) to immediately disrupt the Senior's home environment w/

o explanation or a clear plan of action. Bedbugs come from the outside, on shoes, visitors and in boxes, bags and newspapers, etc. Not all sickly people are slobs, nor are old people; but the treatment and lack of planning leads me to believe the management team are dirty.

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