1560 N Sandburg Ter
Chicago, IL 60610-1313

Found 2 reports:

Management informed residents that the 11th and 12th floors of James House have bed bugs (so far)...

Bed bugs on bed, box springs found in December.
Spent a fortune ridding them and encasing the mattress and box springs.
January found another running across the bed pillow, no others found.
Have heard from neighbors that many units have bed bugs.
I live on a higher floor and I have read bed bugs love to climb an can get thru anything thin as a credit card like if your neighbors has them you will get them. They go through the sockets, vents, etc.
If you have pets they feed on them and lay eg

gs all over your unit.
Saw bed bugs at Chicago theatre on seats, I can only imagine one must have come home with me.
What a nightmare.

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