800 S Wells St
Chicago, IL 60607-4510

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I own in this building and there are several units that have bedbugs, including mine. The Board and management office refuse to treat the entire building, which is the only way to rid the pests. I am trying desperately to move, even if I have to voluntarily go into foreclosure. This building is infested.

In 2011 discovered I had bed bugs after family was getting bad bites. Brought products, spending over $100. Finally called mabagement who said, yes we have a program in place to have my apartment and each one on my left and right and one over and undwr. Apartment sprayed. The same night, bed bugs live. I called management. They told me if bugs stull there in two weeks, they'll do another spray. So no change. Another scheduled spray. But not before I was fined $250. Management said apt. wasn't

properly prepared. Landlord was charged total $750 for another sparu. Stull months gone by bed bugs. Management this year sent dog out tocheck for bed bugs. Dog went in circle in two minutes and left. Report, no detect of bed bugs. Wrong! Still buying products to get rid of bed bugs here. Seems this is a loss cause for this building. You can't just spray 5 apts at a time. How about treating the entire building!

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I moved into a new apartment in this building after living in the building already for 9 months. Since the first day of being in the second apartment, I was bitten by bedbugs. Exterminators came to spray over and over, every few months for my 16 month lease I'd be bitten again. Management was no help. Beware!

Suspected bedbugs after bites one evening. After raising my bed, did by receive any other bites. Today I moved out and while cleaning discovered two live bed bugs in my apartment. I placed them in plastic bags and confirmed that they were in fact bed bugs. Going to the buildings exterminator to report issue. I do not know if I brought the bed bugs in while traveling. However, I doubt this. Other units have reported bed bugs, visit Yelp. Date July 2011.

Had a bedbug issue earlier this year. Not sure if it came from another unit or if the bugs "hitchhiked" on our luggage. It was a nightmare. Used the building's exterminator, who got rid of the bugs after three treatments.

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