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Less than half dozen bedbugs (both adult and nymph) spotted in and around my bedding area over the last 3 weeks- 1 month (October 2010). I have about 12 bites in total occurring at around 1 or 2 a night over about 10 days.

I had my apartment treated 2 weeks ago with cryogenic spray and diatomaceous earth. I emptied all drawers and closets before the treatment. I ran ALL bedding, rugs, clothing, shoes and anything else that would fit in the dryer on the hot setting for 20 minutes. The cost fo

r the treatment was around $550 for my main room including closets, kitchen and bathroom.

I have not seen a bed bug since the treatment but have yet to vacuum the diatomaceous earth as I feel it is doing the most good.

The worst part about this process is going to bed knowing they are just waiting for you!

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