2442 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815-3310

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My family and I stayed at 2442 Kuhio Ave, #101 for 10 days, from 4/19-4/29 of 2012 and at first didn't notice any problem. After the first couple of days we started to notice signs of bed bugs, and then finally started to see the bugs themselves in the morning or late at night.

Once we found them it was easy enough to pull up the sheets and see them.

The landlord did try to get rid of them but not with any methods we read and recommended as supposedly being effective.

Since the visit we

tried to work with the landlord to reimburse part of our stay (to make up for the hassle, and worry about infecting our own homes) but she was not receptive and shrugged it off, claiming there never were any bugs.

Watch out for this property!!

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