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Awoke the morning of January 5th 2013 to find numerous Bed Bugs, I caught five of them, on our bed. We notified management, who would not even enter the room, of the problem. The GM, Cathy Garofolo, denied the problem and was caught in a web of lies and deceit which did nothing to satisfy our concerns. She even went so far as to tell my wife that I had probably "caught all the bugs that were infesting the room."
Well if anyone has stayed in room 417 since or before January the 4th, be well a

ware! We talked to numerous pest control experts and are satisfied that we did not transport these little beasts home with us. However, her denial, in the opionion of the experts will not rid the premises of bed bugs. Ms. Garofolo, you can deny everything, but we are cetain that the room is home to the dreaded bed bug. Only a professional exterminator can rid the room, or rooms more likely, of this pest. Not denial. Ms. Garofolo has the worst demeanor of any hotel manager I have ever encountered and she is a blight upon the Hilton name. Stay at this hotel at "your own risk"!

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