1200 Epcot Resorts Blvd
Orlando, FL 32830-8429

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Swan definitely has bedbugs. We stayed their last March. Should have realized something wasn't right when the carpet in our room was still damp from being cleaned. Then noticed spots on sheets. Being naive and never considering it could be from bed bugs I didn't report it at the time. Returned home and within a month a saw a beg bug crawling on our daughters bed. Swan and Dolphin never returned our calls or emails. It's been a year and we are still trying to get rid of them. After spendin

g $1,000s using sprays and chemicals from out pest control company, I guess we'll have to spend $1000s more to get a heat treatment.

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Bed bugs! Thats what happen'd. I contacted them to let them know and they denied having bedbugs. Funny thing, they offered me points, I dnt giv a sht bout points! Beware when stay'n at the swan n dolphin!