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My boyfriend and I moved Minnesota into the Four Seasons Apartment homes in Denver, Colorado in May 2010. As we were setting up we noticed a couple little bugs on the carpet near the walls but we vacuumed them up and thought nothing of it. A couple days later I started waking up with very itchy bumps around my ankles. At first I though that maybe our cat had fleas, but after looking up images of different bug bites online I started to wonder if bed bugs was a possibility. It didn't seem to fit a

t first because my boyfriend hadn't gotten any bites at all. I decided to investigate anyways and the moment I lifted up the edge of mattress sheet I saw a big fat blood filled bug waiting for its next meal. After I was sure that it was a bed bug, I ripped apart the entire bedroom, just days after getting completely unpacked. I found more and freaked out, smashing any bugs the instant that I saw them. I called the apartment office and the first woman that I talked to was very rude and she said that they probably got in because I took something out of a dumpster and brought it inside. Wow. I assured her that was was not a dumpster diver and that I had just moved in from another state where I had never even heard of bed bugs except for the phrase "Don't let the bed bugs bite." She offered no help. I called again the next day with new bites on my arms and face and in tears and they simply told me to wash everything and that an exterminator would be there in the morning. Utterly disgusted, I did what they said and spent a ridiculous amount of money on laundry and mattress protectors. It didn't work at first and I continued to get bitten even after the exterminator had come for several weeks in a row. Needless to say, I lost sleep. So much sleep that I could not drag myself into work some days. Every night my boyfriend and I did a complete room search, flipping over both the mattress and the box spring and almost every night finding nothing but shells from when they shed their skin to become adult size. Every once in a while we would find one and pop it and a sense of relief would come over me, thinking maybe that was the last one, until I would wake up the next morning with a bite behind my ear or inside my underwear line. Finally after enough exterminator sessions I stopped getting bit. I have not seen any bug or had a bite for over two months now. I am still crossing my fingers that the issue does not flare up again before we move. We are getting out of here as soon as possible. Every day I leave for work I either see the exterminator vehicle at another apartment or another mattress and box spring set in the dumpster. I hope that I never have to deal with this again. It is a nightmare.

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