1950 Trenton St
Denver, CO 80220-2020

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We had bed bugs back in September. We called the apartment complex to let them know and we were told that an exterminator would be out the following week to spray. (One week we were suppose to sleep with bed bugs before someone would come and help us) We took it upon ourselves to hire an exterminator that came out the same day. We paid $400 to have our apartment heat treated, as chemical sprays are no longer a reliable option for treating bed bugs. We had great success until a few days ago when

I woke up with hives on my arm. Once again we find ourselves threatened by these gross bugs, only to be told that an exterminator would be out in a few days to help. We have once again taken it upon ourselves to treat our mild infestation before it gets any worse. Don't count on this apartment complex to help you with a situation like this. We also recently found out we are not the only tenants dealing with this problem, so we expect this to be ongoing until we move out. This company is definitely not proactive in treating or preventing, rent somewhere else!!

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