1450 Clarkson St
Denver, CO 80218-1809

Found 2 reports:

Place still infested and units on top floor and bottom play music so loud walls shake. Manager and owner do nothing .dec 2 2012.the worst is hundreds of bugs in sinks tubs and kitchen counters.filthy.

This place is terrible! Last summer, after being completely covered in bites, the landlord reluctantly finally had the place sprayed. But just once. There are other in the same building that have had encounters, and like with us, the landlord seemed to be more mad at us for reporting it than at the situation itself. Not even 6 months later, the bugs showed their ugly faces in the apartment.The landlord never answered our calls, so we had to resort to trying to get rid of them on our own. Needles

s to say, they are still around, and I am still getting bit at least once a day. The apartment complex is a joke. The landlord is a money grubber who wants you to pay as much as possible for a piece of crap, bug infested apartment complex and not do anything for you.. not even shovel in the winter, or even show any kind of care for his renters. The bugs are still here!!

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