1285 Clarkson St
Denver, CO 80218-1804

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My boyfriend started getting bites in February but we searched the mattress and didn't find the bugs in the box spring until June. There is a clause in the lease that states that tenants found with bedbugs in their unit will be evicted in ten days. Hoping to avoid this, we broke our lease and moved out immediately. We lived in the building for seven months. Within that time, on our floor of eight units, four tenants moved in and out. With the unusual clause in the lease and strange vagrancy of t

enants, I'm sure there were bugs in the building when we moved in. There will be for a long time going forward because the slumlords don't give a fuck about tenants and will screw you over. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS BUILDING. IT IS INFESTED AND RUN BY CROOKS.

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Jan 2012-

We started getting bites in December, but did not confirm bedbugs until January. We notified our landlord, they brought in an exterminator within the week. It did not seem like a bad infestation, only found the bugs in 1 bed, but the exterminator did not seem like he did a thorough job. We vacated the apartment and have not had problems since. I'm not sure if the landlord ended up spraying other apartments, did not seem like she did.

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