2033 Curtis St
Denver, CO 80205-2516

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I was in one of the units with bed bugs. It was a horror and a hassle, but the manager responded immediately with professional treatment and follow-ups. Haven't seen anything since. Thanks Jeffrey, I know a lot of tenants in Denver aren't lucky enough to have someone who cares.

Three units had bed bugs, a tenant's dad encountered them when he visited from Las Vegas, we're thinking his luggage may have picked them up in flight.

Immediately the property manager had tenants perform abatement (dry, then wash and dry clothes -- heat kills them; then clean and bag up all small items in the area and pull furniture away from the floor molding and electrical outlets where they're known to hide) each unit and the common hall thoroughly sprayed, then treated again in two weeks

. No more bugs, no other neighbors reported them.

The building is sprayed quarterly.

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