935 Logan St
Denver, CO 80203

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Found a live bed bug after I moved in January 2014. Management sent someone to spray once a month until I moved out. Never found another one but I know there's never just one bed bug.

I signed a lease with apartment complex after being told that they have been clean of bedbugs ffor 6 months. I texted later asking when the last complaint from a tenant was a few days later, just to be safe. I found out the apartment complex still has bugs, but my unit supposedly didn't. I talked to an exterminator, he told me it would vbe a matter of time for bedbugs to infest an apartment compplex. I have not even moved in yet and they are refusing to give me back my deposit and told me I have

to pay to get out of the lease. I am in process of getting a lawyer.

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The management company (United Management) was so lax about taking care of this problem that I was forced to break my lease (after having to destroy an $800.00 mattress and box spring set, along with numerous other fabric and upholstered items) and move out in early 2010. The problem began in March.

I reported the issue on 3 separate occasions, each time taking up to 4 weeks for them to send someone out for a one time treatment. Several renters refused to allow treatment, plus they had the on

-site manager hand out so-called "Bed Bug Bomb" which any professional will tell you NOT to use. There was no follow up, ever, and they just kept coming back.

When I moved out, I had to put everything in a separate storage unit (one of those drop and pick up boxes), hire my own professional to treat it, do it twice more, as they recommended, before I felt safe moving my things into my new place.

The only information I received, when I moved in, was about lead-based paint. It didn't occur to me to ask because I've never been subjected to a bedbug infestation, in any placed I'd lived, in the past 30 years.

Stay away from this place, and far away from United Management (there are more problems, than just the bedbug one, with these jokers).

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