1085 Pearl St
Denver, CO 80203-3217
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what a nightmare this place is a nesting site for giant bedbugs. THE ENTIRE BUILDING IS INFESTED AND THEY ARE IN THE WALLS AND IN THE CORE OF THE BUILDING. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Every week there seems to be another mattress in our dumpster. It is outrageous as to how our landlords have attempted, minimally, to reduce this problem. I can't even do my laundry within the building because I've found bugs crawling in the machines. Oh, and I'm supposed to keep paying nearly $1000 a month for rent? This is unbelievable! AVOID!

I've lived in the Las Perlas Apartments for some time now. A year ago, our building found the first sights of bed bugs. In our particular apartment, there were no problems up until now. Bed bugs have found their way into my bed, clothes, and carpet. Landlord has attempted to be helpful by spraying the apartment, but there seems to be no certain way to garauntee their disappearance. Do not get suckered like we did. BROWNSTONE REALITY owns numerous buildings throughout the Capitol Hill area.

There's nothing worse than feeling like a prisoner within your own home. Be careful....

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