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My boyfriend was being bit for a few weeks but I figured it was mosquitoes since the bites looked to be like mosquito bites. One night I was sitting in bed when my back began to itch. I had two huge bites out of nowhere. I began to look around my mattress with a flashlight trying to find bed bugs. Sure enough, I found about 3. I finally caught one on my clothes hamper to show to my landlord. When my landlord saw it, he told me it was absolutely bed bugs. He seemed concerned because he said he wa

s unaware of any other infestations in the building. I took most of my clothes to the laundry mat along with rugs and anything on the floor that could be washed. An exterminator came to my apartment a few days later to spray chemicals. A few days later I was sitting on my floor when my leg began to itch. Yet again, I saw another bug. This one was crawling on my rug. The exterminator came back for a second spray and this time I was sure they were gone. A little over a month went by with no bites, but the minute I finally had another person in my bed, I was bitten three times! I found the bed bug sitting on my pillow which I threw out immediately. Once again, the exterminator came and sprayed. I was so beside myself, I went to the leasing office in tears. This is when I found out the neighbors right next store among other people in the building ALSO had bed bugs! I moved out a week later. I no longer felt safe living at the apartment nor do I believe they will get rid of the bugs without treating the whole building!

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