1055 Sherman St
Denver, CO 80203-2803

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The entire building has a bedbug problem...in the past month, I see a new piece of furniture by the dumpster every day. I noticed bites on my arms and lets about 6 months ago, and being new to town, assumed they were mosquito bites until my friend clued me in. When I told management, they weren't sympathetic but did treat the problem--since they are treating it unit by unit as the problem arises and not the entire building like they should, they continue to come back. It's turned my life into a

nightmere. I finally moved out!

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i got a few bug bites last week, didnt know what they were, then was informed that it might be bed bugs. so i checked one morning when i woke up nice and bit, and i found a bug. when i went to the main office that morning she had a stack of sheets of what to do pre and post exterminator and set up for them to come the next day... amazingly fast response , but when i found out about another tenet in the building who had bed bugs i realized that this might not have been me. because

the ones i had were not tiny they were full blown adults. a little heads up, maybe exterminate the full apartment, or at least the ones around the original infestation. if that is the original infestation, apparently they have had this problem many times before, and from friends in adjacent buildings they have also had problems. great place, great location, great price, but i hope you enjoy a good itch here and there or everywhere.

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Pest Control had 8 apartments to treat last Thursday (Aug 7, 2008) for bedbugs! A twin mattress and boxsprings were seen this last weekend (Aug 10)near the trash. There were so many bugs, you could see them crawling around. My apartment has been "treated" twice in 2 months and the little buggers are back ALREADY. Management refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem in the building!

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