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bed bugs still are active in the rob roy and most likely always will be present in the building. the issue cycles as people come and go. they spray. but the damn things can live dormant in a tiny crack for months and years. and this place has plenty of cracks.

tenant rooms are not monitored or sprayed monthly. only when an issue arises or is reported is something done. only when it gets really bad is something done building wide and not just in singular areas.

tenants have h

istorically not been the best neighbors in the 'hood, but management does seem at least to be more selective now than years past.

the building is old and dirty. common hallways and laundry room are very lightly cleaned if at all.

oh, and the the years of gunk under the radiator, tub and kitchen counter that someone mentioned years ago...still the same issue. no deep clean is done.

i've lost hundreds of dollars in clothing, furniture and possessions in dealing with the bugs here.

if you consider moving in...know that you'll face them too.

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People throwing fireworks out the windows at 1:30 am.. Called Jim the so-called manager who's number is on the sign out side (303-831-0797) He was totaly rude.. He acts like its the people in the neighborhood who are complaining about the noise that are the problem. This place has been a neigborhood nuisance for years.

stay faaaaaar away! tweakers robbed my apartment, there were always bums and shady people hanging around, all of my neighbors had bedbugs, the place smells like a barracks (concrete, feet and cigarette smoke) and god help you if you need a repair and they send that 80 year old man to "fix" anything,

Yes!.. Don't Move Into The Rob Roy Apartments, & Don't Rent From John Ehlers, Because He Is An Ass-Hole, & A Crook!!..Everything About The Rob Roy Apartments, & Ehlers Is Totally True!.. Ehlers Does Nothing Legal, Or He Doesn't Do Anything Within The Law!..He's Done Illegal Eviuctions, Charged People Outrageous Amounts Of Money, By Falsifying Court Eviction Papers, & Then Committing Purgery In Court,In Order To Collect Large Amounts Of Money From Tenants, That Tenants Don't Legally Owe To Him,

He's Done Illegal Evictions,..(His Evictions Were Typed Out On Old Flyers), & Never Had The Court Seal On Them, He'd Scare Out,Tenants, & Have Them Bullied By A Manager, That He Has Had, Working For Him, To Scare Tenants Who Owed Money To Him,Out Of The Building, So He (Ehlers) & His Manager, Could Go Thru Tenants Things,So He (Ehlers) & The Manager, Could Take Whatever They Wanted,Of The Tenants Belongings & They Couldn't Get Their Stuff Back!!.. There Was Faulty Wiring Thruout The Building, Water Leaks, (Especially In The Basement Of This Shit-Hole Place)& Asbestous,Between The Walls, Thruout The Building, & Ehlers Did Not Give A Damm About His Tenants, Except For The Mansions That He Owned! & The Tenants Living In Them!!..DON'T Rent From This Man!!!,, You Will Regret It!!..He'll Make Your Life Miserable, & Take You For anything, & Everything He Can Get From You!!!!!

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Ditto, moved here for school and the Bed-Bugs and Meth-Heads are out of control.....Stay Away!!!!!
Sep. 2010

I lived at this location from February until July of 2009. When I asked the landlord to address the bedbug problem, he sent a couple of guys in to spray the seams of the floorboards. This did nothing to resolve my issue, and it only got worse. Do not move into this apartment. It's true that shady people live here. Also, when I requested that the apartment get a better cleaning, nothing was done to remove the caked on filth underneath the bathtub and behind the heater.

DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!same problem....these people are HarsH!!!!!!

After a month of dealing with sub living standards,meth heads and sex offenders we started getting bit. We had to get rid of thousands of dollars worth of stuff.

Come to find out the landlord at Rob Roy new about this problem but did not care. We asked him to help us out and 3 weeks later he hired a gentleman that tried to get rid of them but said that the owner refused to pay to get rid of them completley and he was supposed to keep them out of our place.
That did not work so after dealing

with these nasty creatures for a month we decided to move out and he kept our deposit. We are not the only ones to deal with this.

Stay away!!!! the place seemed fine until we moved in and started realizing that it was a shit hole full of bums sex offenders and drug addicts.

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