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I had Terminix come and do the 2 sprayings. I washed and dried everything I own at high heat, I even moved out of the apartment for 2 weeks in between the sprayings. As soon as I moved back I started getting bites again. My neighbors have them again and the people who live upstairs. I am done, I'm moving out. The whole building has to be fumigated, or the bugs will continue to just move around. DO NOT MOVE IN to this building, it is hell.

I had Terminex come today and sure enough they found bed bugs! They are doing the first of 2 treatments tomorrow. I started noticing them when my neighbors moved out. Once the food source left the bugs came over. I feel the only way to get rid of the bugs for good is to do the whole building. That would be up to the HOA, although it doesn't seem like they care.

I moved in May and a month ago I did find bedbugs in my apartment. I called my landlord and they said they were not responsible. They contacted me with the HOA and they said they didn't have any report of bedbugs in the building so I ended paying 300 in order to get rid off them. According to the company they said probably they were in the building but the HOA didn't do anything about it when I contacted them. We need to do something!!!!

I believe there is a good chance I have bedbugs. I moved in at the beginning of July and started getting bites by mid August. The bites are horrible and they itch a lot. I have yet to see any bugs, so i'm not sure what to do. Who's responsible for trying to terminate these? I really think management should treat the whole building before the bugs take over.

A month before our lease was up we both started getting the worst bites that have ever existed. A couple weeks latter while cleaning I found two of the bugs. I reported it to the management, who was hesitient to believe they were bed bugs. They did send out an exterminator the next day and after a couple weeks of treatments the bug population was down but we were still being bitten. The management was helpful in getting an exterminator, but still denied that they have ever had a problem with the

m in previous times. By the time we got out of there there were 4 apartments infested. This is a nice building full of lots of condos that are very close together, so easy traveling for the bugs. Extermination was taken care of by the management, but I just want to warn people since our apartment was being shown while we were still there dealing with the bugs and the poor people looking at the place were not being told that it currently had bed bugs.
Summer 2010

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