1355 Pearl St
Denver, CO 80203-2518

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i moved into this apartment at the end of septembet than i took a holiday at the end of december and back to the apatment early january. At that night, when i just got back from the my holidya, i got itching and my body was reacting like some kinds of allergy. i though it was my allergy with the weather as they look similar that i had before when i was young. but it started to get worse, so i did not think this was an allergy than i saw the docktor at my school. he said these were allergy reacti

on to something that bite me. i keep trying to figue out what bite me. first by checking my dogs for fleas, it turn out no flee. i suspect summer insects bite like mosquito or everything else (cause my skin is sensitive). but the bites marks keeps coming back and lost. then my bf's coworker told him those were bed bugs as she experienced it before.
i told my leasing agent, she sent people to sprya the place for few times over few monts, but they kpt coming back. i found bed bugs also. whne th terminator found it it was aroung may and june then we decided to stop sprtying since i have no more bites. but few weeks i got bites again. i keep clenaing them (wash my clothes, cleans my room and get new bed and furniture) but it doesnt work. whne the lease was going to expired in end of october. i decided to ask the lease agent again for transfer to new roomonce i bough new srtuff again (before i move in they told me i can move to other room if i decide to move anytime for any reasns, i used to live in one bed room so i was thinking i might need a bigger room if this studio did not work originally). they dont care, the manager said that either i keep stay there or i vacate the aprtment. they cant help me nothing else. i am just so mad, i mean i have never got this before until i move to this apartment. they just dont care and ask me to vacate or stay there with whatever condition it is now (i do not know if they will cut my deposit for those spraying.i am so confused of what to do now. i still had nine months in united states before i gradutae school and move back to my home country. it is hard to find apartment with a first time renter for an aptthta have contract for 9 months, all prefer 6 or 12 months. if i wnat to stay there month per month basis witjout contract until i found a new apartmenr, they will charge me additional 75$ extra.is what they do correct? i mean try to spray but if it doesnt work, they can just do nothing about it and instead ask me to vacate the place if i do not accept the situation of my room now?

please help for advice

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