1335 Pearl St
Denver, CO 80203-2518

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Our apartment and multiple other apartments in this building were severely infested. The landlord was awful about it--not informing other tenants (even the neighbor with whom we shared a wall had no idea until we told him), refusing to effectively treat, etc. We finally had to get a lawyer involved to get us out of our lease due to their complete incompetence, which was its own fiasco.

I found out months afterwards that they were lying to other tenants about the issue (they told

one neighbor of ours who saw bugs on her walls that bedbugs aren't an issue unless they're actually in your mattress).

DO NOT RENT FROM ROUND HILL PACIFIC. We lost thousands of dollars and I almost lost my job because of their horrible response.

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I feel compelled to respond to a previous report. I am a resident at this location. When I had a problem, I reported it to management and they responded immediately with pest control. Their timeliness and concern made a difference in getting rid of the bedbugs in my apartment. I feel comfortable again and am happy with the results. The management took care of all of the pest control bills. Their proactive concern is the reason why I'm happy to stay in my apartment. From talking with other reside

nts, I've heard the same sentiment from them.

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WE have had a bed bug outbreak at this location. there have been numerous mattresses thrown out in the dumpster. The property management company takes no responsibility, provides no compensation.

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