1272 Pearl St
Denver, CO 80203-2517

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This building is infested with bed bugs do not rent here! The land lord is aware of it and could care less about the problems that it can cause. I went on vacation and when I came back I found out the building had a problem the hard way. After a night of being bitten I called the leasing agent the next day. She seemed surprised? She told me that I had to throw away anthing that could not be sprayed and to ws anything that could hold up in high heat. As the exterminator was spraying my apartment

he asked if the problem had gotten better across the hall. After learning that they knew of the problem I gave my notice and moved because I was on a month to month. That was 4 years ago and I have just learned that the land lord reported as an eviction. Do not rent here! Bed bugs can not be fixed with sprays and bleach! They will always come back if not taken care of correctly. DO NOT RENT ANYTHING IN THIS BUILDING!

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